Thursday 03 June 2004

10:55 North East News

12:50 North East News

15:00 North East News followed by Action Time

18:00 North East Tonight with Mike Neville

18:28 North East Weather

19:30 Property Matters – Prog 5 
Meet the people who are living the dream in Spain. Bruce and Wendy are building their own dream home, Henry and Carol are buying, while Wayne is a self made millionaire with a string of sunshine properties. Kim Inglis finds out how they did it, and gets top tips on a life abroad.
Producer: Colleen Cairns
Executive Producer: Jane Bolesworth

22:50 North East News

23:15 The Unprofessionals – Prog 4
In the final episode of the unprofessionals we follow Giles as he faces the heart-stopping task of becoming a stand up comedian, while Danielle gets the stomach churning job of cleaning the city’s drains and sewers.
Producers: Sam Morton & Charlotte Johnson
Director: Nerina Villa
Executive Producer: Graeme Thompson
A 21st Century Media Production for Tyne Tees Television

23:45 The Player – Repeat 
Another chance to see The Player in which actor and writer Caspar Berry reflects on his life as a professional poker player and takes us into the twilight world of professional gambling in the clubs and casinos of the North East and Las Vegas.
Producer: Sam Morton
Executive Producer Graeme Thompson

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