How drones could revolutionise TV and Film

drone tvYou have probably already noticed one of your neighbours flying a drone around his land, they are becoming more and more common. The quality of them ranges from small toys to the best quadcopters which offer professional photography. Is it possible though that drones could revolutionise the filming of television shows and movies? Many people believe it very well could. These unmanned aircrafts systems could quite possibly make the overhead filming for movies and television shows not only easier, but safer as well. There are already many different movies out there today that have used drones in their filming process, such as the last James Bond movie as well as Transformers, just to name a couple.

Pros to Filming With Drones

One of the major pro arguments that is used in wanting to use drones in the filming of movies and television shows is that it is less expensive than the rigging it would take to properly stabilise the high quality cameras that are used in shooting movies and shows. The drones are used to create the amazing crane and helicopter shots that we love to see on the silver screen in action movies. This can very well lower the cost of production in the movies, and many countries are already giving film makers the go ahead to use drones for their films.

Another pro argument for the use of drones in filming is that it is much safer for the film crew. The use of drones for television shows and new stories could very well keep people safer. For example, in Bardabunga, Iceland a drone was used in the filming of the Bardabunga volcano eruption. This helped the film crew safely capture video footage of the lava flowing and bubbling on the surface without risking the film crew’s lives by hovering in a helicopter over the volcano. This can be used in other nature filming as well as news filming of dangerous events to keep everyone safe from danger.

Cons to Filming With Drones

One particularly negative effect of filming with drones would be the possibility of offset filming invading the privacy of the general public. If a member of the film crew were to take the drone off set for personal use, this could pose a problem. However there are numerous ways for film companies to prevent this from happening. The use of drones to film things onset or on location has been proven to be perfectly safe and there are strict rules that are placed by the government for the use of these unmanned aircraft systems.

Up for Discussion

Many countries, including the US, have put the topic of filming with drones up for discussion and have even begun laying the ground work for the possibility of them in the future antabuse tablets. The United States FAA has already approved the use of drones’ onset saying that there is really no privacy infringements with the crew or other employees. However film crews are currently not allowed to use drones for filming offset or at night because of the possible problems that may cause. While some countries, such as Istanbul, have already approved the use of drones for movies and television.

Is this a real possibility?

The use of drones in movie making and television is a very real possibility as it is cheaper and makes the crew’s lives easier while filming. As technology advances, so will every other aspect of our daily lives. The one thing that people will have to shake is that drones were originally created for military use and now they may become common in other professions as well. This could rock the boat a little at first but just like most things, the world will adjust.


With the proper foundation for rules and regulations for the use of drones in the making of movies and television shows, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about concerning safety or privacy. It would more than likely be required for the crew to undergo training to operate drones, as well as classes to learn the rules and regulations for use. This could create more jobs in the filming industry as well as bring more technological advancements for the entertainment industry.

Drones can be used for many purposes outside of just movies and television. They can be used for the photography for news events as well in an effort to keep photographers safe from harm in the instance that a photo may be require for the news, paper, or maybe aerial shots for movies and TV. The possibilities for the use of drones are endless, and have a very good chance of keeping people out of harm’s way while they do their jobs in journalism, movie making, and television.