New Fitness TV Show will help you get Fit

Currently being made is a new show which will be offering nutrition and fitness advice right on your TV screens. So for those lazy people out there who don’t want to spend the effort in working out a good fitness regime you will be able to follow along and get in shape with these guys. On the show there will be people from the public put through their paces on a regime designed to lose weight effectively and timely. Along with that will be plenty useful for knowledge along the way which everybody can take from.


First things first, before even touching any fitness equipment nutrition must be considered. The people on this show will be shown exactly what foods are OK and what foods they need to stay away from over the next three months. So that means no sugar, no bad fats, no processed food and limited carbohydrate intake. Also included will be recipes of some tasty and healthy meals which they will be encouraged to prepare each day. The focus on the diet will be a low carb one with plenty of vegetables and meat, recent science has shown that low fat diets are nowhere near as effective as low carb diets. This is why the “paleo diet” has taken off so much recently and has created a huge amount of success stories around the world. Think of this show as finally putting this to the test, with an albeit small sample size.

Exercise Regime

Of course a solid exercise regime goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, there is not much point in doing one without the other. On the show the contestants will be using a variety of types of fitness equipment in order to get into top shape. The equipment will include treadmills, free weights, exercise bikes as well as rowing machines. In fact the rowing machines will be the main focus since they offer such a great all round workout in terms of both cardio and toning of the muscles. They will be using the Concept2 Rowers which are among the best rowing machines, you can check the rowing machine reviews at DrRowing. They will be expected to exercise for 30 minutes at a high intensity five times per week.

Over to you

Now I hope this show will inspire people watching to reach for their own fitness goals, there is nothing quite like seeing other people having success to inspire yourself. Each week you will be able to follow along and take actionable steps to help you lose weight and get into top shape. You will even be able to get the recipes and all the other vital fitness information.

The show isn’t expected to launch for many more months as it is still being made but I hope this will drum up some interest and get some viewers when it finally is available. If you have any questions please use our contact page. All inquiries are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

Is There a Reality Show about Finding the Best Coffee in the World?

coffee-imageIf you love your morning cup of coffee, you may wonder if there’s a reality show that features a quest for the world’s most desirable and delicious brew. Well, sadly, the answer is no, at least at the moment. However, this is a wonderful basis for a potentially-thrilling reality television series, so you might want to pitch it to TV network execs on your own!

A Coffee Reality Show Has Real Potential

Just think of all of the places that contestants could visit as they seek out the world’s most satisfying cups of coffee. For example, Hawaii and Columbia, which are both known for their exceptional coffee beans, might be scenic backdrops for the quest! Participants could perform challenges, such as blind taste tests, in order to isolate the most promising beans, in order to definitely select the world’s best.

I’m imagining a show that is much like The Amazing Race, with a little bit of Hell’s Kitchen thrown in for good measure! It’s a great idea, isn’t it, and I hope that someone (perhaps a Food Network head honcho) decides to choose this theme for a brand-new reality show, because there’s no question that die-hard coffee fans (like me!) simply could not resist the subject matter at hand!

How to Enjoy Better Coffee at Home

Now, let’s talk about some practical ways to make your daily (and possibly nightly!) cups of coffee truly wonderful. You don’t need to travel the world, sourcing out the best coffee beans, in order to achieve your goal. You just need to utilize a solid coffee brand and the best coffee maker that you can find such as those at CoffeeMakerKing. Many people don’t realize that the coffeemaker is so important to the quality of coffee drinks…but it really is!

Why does the coffeemaker matter? Well, the best ones utilize a host of technology in order to process drinks that are rich and flavorful, rather than weak and uninspiring. Imagine the huge coffee machines at Starbucks and other popular coffeehouses and you’ll get the general idea. However, you certainly won’t need to invest in these ultra-costly machines in order to get designer results.

These days, a host of exceptional models are available at a range of price points. Whether you want a bargain-basement French Press, a sleek and modern Keurig, an espresso maker or an old-fashioned drip coffeemaker with a timer and lots of other bells and whistles, you’ll find that checking product reviews is the key to shopping wisely. In other words, reading up on what other customers have to say about certain makes and models will help you to gain valuable insight during the comparison-shopping process.

Luckily,, and a variety of other online retailers and websites offer customer reviews that are detailed and educational. So, why not use them in order to find the perfect coffeemaker (and in order to enjoy “the world’s best cup of coffee?”)

Ordering your new coffeemaker online will be a great way to save some cash, as most online retailers offer lower prices than community-based stores do. Just be certain to factor in the cost of shipping in order to make sure that you’re getting a great deal on a highly-rated coffeemaker design.

Exclusive: Kerry describes her experience with weight loss TV show

marble-mountainMy first real shoes that I ever wore were a pair of tan suede hiking boots with curly laces. When I say real, I mean soles that are durable, even for a heavy soul like mine. I’m staring down at my steel toes buried under padded ankles and synthetic leather, wondering just how far these specific hiking boots will take me. Ten pounds, twenty pounds, thirty pounds along this countryside. I guess that cameras can only tell. But I think it’s the cameras that make it all the more real. They are a commitment. Just like my feet are committed to these shoes, this terrain, and my competitors. In fact choosing the best hiking boots is an important first step, for more information visit

We are all here for the same reason. We’ve got each other’s backs. We embrace each other’s arms up mountains and break away when it’s time to work on ourselves. We work on ourselves through building trust in others. We don’t judge here, even while millions may be judging us from far behind their television screens. The crack open their sodas, tear open a box of Milk Duds, pop their popcorn, and they indulge in the personal and physical struggles of others. They see it as a competition, but we know we are all winners. Because we are trying. I have learned how to forage and fend for myself. I’ve learned how to eat to survive and not out of boredom.

So how do we make it through all of this? Beyond the self-actualization and empowerment this is a reality show about losing weight. It’s about attempting to win and accepting loss of all calibers. I suppose we start by straining and strengthening our legs. We calculate long distances and set milestones. This is, after all, about agility and not speed. We pace ourselves and savor the burn. We unite with the branches we hit our heads on, the moss that slickness our stride, the dew that rejuvenates our lungs on a dank spring morning. We remember the sweetness of every last berry we taste and conjure ways to substitute them for a midnight snack down the road.

We don’t walk like we are made of glass but of dense soil, fallen leaves, and minerals. We are recyclable. We end our journey to a healthier self by wringing out our clothes of sweat and toxins past. We rub on the burrs in our socks. We refill our canteens from the clearest water we’ve ever seen and swam in. We end by comparing our hiking boots and the memories we’ve created in them, be it tan suede, fluorescent orange, pale yellow, black and beyond. We end by peering through the camera lens, into the other side of reality, and challenge our viewers to indulge in our successes. To perhaps embark on a personal romance with the countryside, not for end results, but for every experience few and far between. For the sake of breaking out those old hiking boots from ten years past or from yesterday’s spontaneous shopping spree and getting them a little bit dirty.

The Rise of the Superstar DJ: The Techniques and Equipment That Have Propelled Them Into Stardom

These days, professional singer/songwriters are not the only ones bursting through into musical fame. Once a job that held little potential for celebrity status, many professional DJs have become world renowned for their music-making and song-mixing abilities. In order to better understand this phenomenon and how the rest of us can mimic their success, let’s take a look at the equipment and techniques used by some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s. If you fancy yourself as a DJ, nowadays it is quite affordable to invest in some of the best DJ equipment, this site is a good resource for getting started.

Superstar DJ Keoki

Experiencing an impressive rise to fame in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Keoki Franconi, known as Superstar DJ Keoki, is still one of the most renowned DJs in the world. Keoki attributes his success to his attempt to produce music that is cutting-edge and will appeal to wide range of audiences. He says that is important for him to entertain eight year olds as well as eighty year olds and everyone between.

Bobby Blaze

Superstar of the New York City nightlife scene, DJ Bobby Blaze began his career when he was just a kid, touring around the world now to a number of packed clubs. One of his tips for success is to always be ready to change things up if you can tell that the crowd isn’t feeling it. Be ready to throw something different into the mix to liven them up. Equipment that he uses extensively are USB drives to store his music and a CDJ turntable.


Listed as the second highest earning DJ in the world, Skrillex, born Sonny John Moore, is one the most recognized names in the business, credited for putting dubstep on the map. He says that his success has come not from any particular plan or focus, but from simply producing music that sounds great. Anything else, he says, would be straying from his goal. Moore’s favorite tool in his belt is the Ozone audio software by iZotope, claiming that it is highly versatile and allows him to have many things going on at once.

Swedish House Mafia

A highly successful electronic dance trio, the Swedish House Mafia were the first ever electronic group to headline at Madison Square Garden. Along with this, they were the artists behind the bestselling track “Don’t You Worry Child”. Made up of members Axel Christofer, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello, the trio have released two documentaries, the first called Take One, and another that premiered in March titled Leave the World Behind. Though the group is no longer together, the success of the music they produced lives on. Part of the reason the Swedish House Mafia was so successful was the fact that they redefined the dance music scene by employing things normally only seen in rock concerts such as large pyros and massive amounts of LCD lights. Besides explosions and lighting, equipment that the Swedish House Mafia liked to employ was the CDJ 2000, though they were known for saying that nothing can improve on a classic record.

Opinion: The Rise and Rise of Laptop Backpacks

targusThe traditional backpack has always been a popular way to carry one’s possessions whether you are a student, traveler or business person. They are far more comfortable than carrying a bag on the end of your arm and also more secure from theft. However one thing that took a while for the market to catch onto was the idea of a laptop backpack. This is a bag specifically designed to carry and protect a notebook computer as well as offer storage for many other items.

What makes the difference between a normal backpack and a laptop backpack is that these ones have a special protective compartment to prevent any damage whilst transporting your expensive device. They are’t particularly expensive either, with prices range from just $30 to over $100, so there is no excuse not to have one. Whilst all of them are likely to do a more than adequate job at protecting your laptop you will find ones at the higher end tend to have more useful features and perhaps look a bit more stylish.

How to Choose the Right One

Since there are so many different options out there it can be confusing when looking for the best laptop backpack but sites like this one have many laptop backpack reviews to read through. So my advice would be to spend some time before making a decision and be sure you choose one with the features you need and more importantly the right size for your laptop. When reading reviews be on the look out for any bad points and think about whether they would be a deal breaker for you.

The final thing to think about is appearance, whilst features and build quality are normally the most important, you have to consider where you will be using this bag and whether or not your are fashion conscious. For example if you are business man and will be taking this into the office then you really don’t want to be carrying around something too flash, unless you want to appear a maverick. For the workplace something simple and black always looks professional and many bags have the option to carry them on your arm so you don’t have to look like a school kid when going into meetings!

If you are a traveler going away for a few days or even a week you may need something with plenty of storage capacity to pack your clothes and other essential items. Extra features like water bottle holders and SwissGear’s ScanSmart feature will also come in handy as you won’t have to take your notebook out at airport security.

Finally, if you are a student then you probably care at least somewhat about fashion and the appearance of your bag. In that case something from Timbuk2 can be pretty stylish though fairly expensive. As long as you have plenty of space to carry some books, pens and notepads you should be pretty happy.


Overall, laptop backpacks are here to stay and I hope you have found this article useful. If you need something to protect your investment then look no further.