New Fitness TV Show will help you get Fit

Currently being made is a new show which will be offering nutrition and fitness advice right on your TV screens. So for those lazy people out there who don’t want to spend the effort in working out a good fitness regime you will be able to follow along and get in shape with these guys. On the show there will be people from the public put through their paces on a regime designed to lose weight effectively and timely. Along with that will be plenty useful for knowledge along the way which everybody can take from.


First things first, before even touching any fitness equipment nutrition must be considered. The people on this show will be shown exactly what foods are OK and what foods they need to stay away from over the next three months. So that means no sugar, no bad fats, no processed food and limited carbohydrate intake. Also included will be recipes of some tasty and healthy meals which they will be encouraged to prepare each day. The focus on the diet will be a low carb one with plenty of vegetables and meat, recent science has shown that low fat diets are nowhere near as effective as low carb diets. This is why the “paleo diet” has taken off so much recently and has created a huge amount of success stories around the world. Think of this show as finally putting this to the test, with an albeit small sample size.

Exercise Regime

Of course a solid exercise regime goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, there is not much point in doing one without the other. On the show the contestants will be using a variety of types of fitness equipment in order to get into top shape. The equipment will include treadmills, free weights, exercise bikes as well as rowing machines. In fact the rowing machines will be the main focus since they offer such a great all round workout in terms of both cardio and toning of the muscles. They will be using the Concept2 Rowers which are among the best rowing machines, you can check the rowing machine reviews at DrRowing. They will be expected to exercise for 30 minutes at a high intensity five times per week.

Over to you

Now I hope this show will inspire people watching to reach for their own fitness goals, there is nothing quite like seeing other people having success to inspire yourself. Each week you will be able to follow along and take actionable steps to help you lose weight and get into top shape. You will even be able to get the recipes and all the other vital fitness information.

The show isn’t expected to launch for many more months as it is still being made but I hope this will drum up some interest and get some viewers when it finally is available. If you have any questions please use our contact page. All inquiries are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.